Adrian Santic - triathlete
Adrian Santic
Adrian Santic is a triathlete living and training in beautiful Seattle. He has a day-job at the University of Washington, and manages to find the time for swimming biking and running.

That's not where he started though. Adrian has been a life-long mountain biker. He switched to road cycling in 2006 and had a lot of fun riding on wide open roads in Seattle's east suburbs. In early 2009 he started looking for something more and discovered triathlons. The 2009 season has been a solid learning experience for a first year triathlete. Adrian has had some prior running experience, but he was brand new to competitive swimming.

Having gained experience in a few triathlons in 2009, and having perfected his swim stroke over the winter months, Adrian has competed in more and longer triathlons in 2010 under the guide of his coach Angela Naeth. A knee injury mid-season ended the racing for 2010. The 2011 season was mostly a tentative return to competitive racing with an emphasis on shorter races and avoiding re-injury.

The 2012 season was a success with Ironman 70.3 events and a podium finish at a Rev 3 race, followed by more successes in year 2013 with another podium finish and a qualification for US National Championships. Year 2014 followed with a 1st place AG at an Olympic distance race, and competing at ITU Chicago and more IM 70.3 events. Almost the entire 2015 season was a loss due to a bike crash early in the season, apart from late season racing at Rocketman at the Kennedy Space Center. The 2016 season was essentially a return to racing, back to Victoria, Whistler, and Pula; the races missed due to 2015 injury.

The 2017 and 2018 seasons saw a full Ironman finish as well as several Ironman 70.3 halfs. The 2019 season was essentially on hold, competing in only two small races, due to segue into aviation. Tentative goals for the upcoming 2020 season are competing in three Ironman 70.3, with an option for one full Ironman, and a number of short course triathlons.

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